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Negatively Curved Warped Nanographene Self-Assembled on Metal Surfaces

José I. Urgel, Marco Di Giovannantonio, Yasutomo Segawa, Pas…

Controlling the Circadian Clock with High Temporal Resolution through Photodosing

"Controlling the Circadian Clock with High Temporal Resoluti…

Topologically Unique Molecular Nanocarbons

Yasutomo Segawa, David R. Levine, and Kenichiro ItamiAcc…

Graphene Nanoribbon Dielectric Passivation Layers for Graphene Electronics

Nobuhiko Mitoma, Yuuta Yano, Hideto Ito,* Yuhei Miyauchi,* K…

Topological molecular nanocarbons: all-benzene catenane and trefoil knot

Yasutomo Segawa*, Motonobu Kuwayama, Yuh Hijikata, Masako Fu…

Strength of carbon nanotubes depends on their chemical structures

Strength of carbon nanotubes depends on their chemical struc…

Living annulative π-extension polymerization for graphene nanoribbon synthesis

Yuuta Yano, Nobuhiko Mitoma,Kaho Matsushima, Feijiu Wang, Yu…

Casein kinase 1 family regulates PRR5 and TOC1 in the Arabidopsis circadian clock

Uehara, T. N.; Mizutani, Y.; Kuwata, K.; Hirota, T.; Sato, A…

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