Japan-Singapore Chemicals R&D Conference 2011

On 20th and 21st Oct. 2011, Japan-Singapore Chemicals R&D Conference 2011 was held in Biopolice, Singapore. Prof. Itami, Mr. Hata, Mr. Maekawa and Mr. Omachi took part in the conference. We would like to thank The Chemical Daily for a lot of great support.




 The day before the conference,  we had a dinner with students of The University of Tokyo and staffs of The Chemical Daily. We ate delicious seafood  at the local restaurant “JAMBO”.





The first day of the conference was academic session. Dr. Kenichiro Itami (Nagoya University), Dr. Wong Pui Kwan (ICES), Dr. Takashi Kato (the University of Tokyo) and Dr. Loh Teck Peng (Nanyang Technological University) talked about “Sustainable Development” in lectures and panel discussion. And also, Mr. Omachi (Nagoya University), Mr. Kajiyama (the University of Tokyo), Mr. Tavallali (National University of Singapore) and Mr. Tong (Nanyang Technological University) discussed the same theme. In the reception after the conference, we spent very meaningful time with a lot of people working in company.




The second day of the conference was industry session. Dr. Terunori Fujita (Mitsui Chemicals Singapore R&D Centre), Mr. Garo Vaporciyan (Westhollow Technology Center Shell Chemicals), Mr. Hideo Kaneko (Sumika Technical Information Service) and Mr. Tarun Bhatia (Asia Market Development Rio Tinto Minerals) talked about the same theme as the first day. After the conference, we visited ICES (Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences) in Jurong Island. We had a lot of good experiences in this conference.

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