Connect molecules, create value, and change the world, one molecule at a time

The ultimate goal of the research group of Kenichiro Itami is to develop “problem-solving” innovative functional molecules (“transformative molecules”) that make a marked change in the form and nature of science and technology.
With such goal in mind, the work of Itami group has centered on catalyst-enabling synthetic chemistry with broad directions. Through the interdisciplinary research supported by World Premier International Research Center Initiative (WPI) program and JST-ERATO project, we aim to build a solid foundation for a new paradigm in molecular science as synthetic chemists.
Ultimately, we hope to be able to contribute solving global issues such as the food problem and the energy problem. We strongly believe the power of molecules.

  1. (日本語) 第32回基礎有機化学討論会に参加しました
  2. Our research has been accepted by JST's Sakigake/ACT-X program!
  3. Bare aromatic polymers synthesized with a dendrimer support
  4. Celebrate party for B4 students passed entrance exam of graduated Univ...
  5. 'Uminohikai' was held at Chita Peninsula !
  6. Students Experimets for B3
  7. (日本語) D2の周戸さんがChem-Stationデビューしました!
  8. Our Möbius carbon nanobelt became the cover of Nature Synthesis!!
  9. Ishibashi-san got poster award!!
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