Graphene Nanoribbon Dielectric Passivation Layers for Graphene Electronics

Nobuhiko Mitoma, Yuuta Yano, Hideto Ito,* Yuhei Miyauchi,* Kenichiro Itami*
ACS Appl. Nano Mater.
201928, 4825–4831. DOI: 10.1021/acsanm.9b00767


大きなバンドギャップを有するGNRを縮環π拡張重合(APEX重合)により合成し、有機溶媒に溶かした後、ドロップキャスト法によってグラフェン上厚さ約30 nm程度でGNRを規則正しく積層・配列させることに成功した。その結果、グラフェンのキャリア移動度は、非被覆状態に比べて約2倍の値となった。
さらに電荷輸送およびラマン分光測定の結果、GNR誘電体の積層による不動態化膜の形成によって、charge puddleが減少することが明らかになりました。

[GNRs as dielectric passivation layer for graphene]

Charged-impurity scattering is a serious problem that hinders the electrical properties of graphene. Toward large-scale and/or flexible graphene-based electronics, there is a strong demand for a high-κ dielectric layer which reduces charged-impurity density and screens the impurity scattering that passivates the graphene. We herein demonstrate that the structurally precise and soluble graphene nanoribbons (GNRs) act as excellent dielectric passivation layers. The wide-gap GNRs, synthesized through annulative π-extension polymerization, were selectively and stably fixed onto graphene via a simple drop-casting method. The carrier mobility of ∼30 nm thick GNR-adlayer-deposited graphene was approximately twice that in its original state. Electrical transport and Raman spectroscopic measurements revealed that the deposition of the GNR dielectric passivation layers reduced the charge puddles. These results suggest that the GNR adlayers prevent graphene from the oxygen/water redox couple adsorption and lift the graphene up from the underlying SiO2 substrate via strong π–π and CH−π interactions. Additionally, the relatively high dielectric constant (∼5.2) of the GNRs contributes to the increased screening effect. All these effects lead to a reduced impurity scattering, which increases carrier mobility..

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